Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nikki Gorvette vs. Mothra vs. Godzilla

By Detroit Jack, Phallus Press Writer - Mon May 4, 6:01 pm ET
Photos by Detroit Jack

F.A.D.! Femmefatale A la Detroit! Sweet sweet sweaty smells of femmefatale could not be contained last night in Yokohama. Authorities were alerted as waves of tender rhythms broke into all out passionate inhabition. Chinatown has not witnessed such uncontrollable hysteria since Godzilla subdued Mothra, an event which scientists now suspect played a key roll in last nights mass love in.

Scientists have detected dispersed powdered female hormones most likely spread in Yokohama by Mothra in 1992. Once Mothras' latent hormone powders were whipped up and mixed with the provassive estrogen of the unsuspecting audience, the stompin' frenzy of the Gorvette punters soon spun out of control and into the wider Yokohama district, where the masses were overcome with sexual desires.

After analyzing evidence, authorities are leaning toward a theory that the high energy Detroit rock rhythms expounded at the show, released MC5 (Microbial Centrifugal 5), #5 of ten points that lay deep in the psyche, and a component of apparent force on the human body in curvilinear motion which leads to "f---ing in the streets". Also bafling to the Japanese intelligensia are the cravings amongst their masses for the Detroit sound.

Further, intellegence agencies most certainly suspect an attempted infiltration of the Japanese culture that aims to exact revenge for the demise of the Detroit industrial complex. The aim of the government is to contain with a firm hand the passions of their constituents, while corporate leaders are calling for an all out blockade of any imports originating from the Motor City.

In the wake of the mass release of sexually charged inhibition, the Japanese Government announced on national television, that it is considering the tough choice of summoning Godzilla to the Yokohama district, their quintiesencial defense, in an all out war to suppress the spread of the G.F.F.A. (Guitar Fueled Femmefatale Army).

Club owners however, insist that the rock n' roll expounded by Nikki Gorvette simply and unintentionally raised the stakes in an on going debate over the value of relying on the protection of the island nation to remain in the authoritarian claws of Godzilla, who, while successful in eradicating suspected enemies, ultimately unleashes a trail of destruction. They suggest that a softer, more sensitive ally may lay with the estrogen laden Mothra and R.R.R. (Revolutionary Rockin' Revelations) bourn in the Motor City.

All toll, there's certain to be more made of last nights event than there truly is in reality, but facts remain, the silkily lathered leather jacketed Japanese rock and roll fans show no signs of tiring of their Motor City addiction, and to kicking out the jams A la Detroit style.

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